She hold your Hand while you Scratch her Face – This is Penny at 3 Years Old


Here is a photo of a Boston Terrier dog named Penny at 3 years old from Yorktown Heights, NY, USA.

Penny loves to hold your hand as you scratch her pretty face. 🙂

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She hold your Hand while you Scratch her Face - This is Penny at 3 Years Old

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Chuck Wilson

BT’S Rule! Totally agree with Jackie’s comments. My BT ” Beans” gets his way all the time, especially when he gives the head nod and the look as if to say “Really Dude?” Actually he’s my wife’s Dog, he tolerates me! Love’s to cuddle with me in bed though! I’ve had 4 dogs previous to him and is by far the best! I consider him my BUDDY!

Judy Higgins-Parker

Aw….out 3 yr old BT does the same thing when we rub around his cute little face!

Judith Lacroix

Hi Penny I’m Wellesley

Laura Helen Pian

Hi there Wellesley – happy to meet you, aren’t you just the cutest?!

Judith Lacroix

Thanks Laura she’s 17 months old and has a Boston attitude.

Laura Helen Pian

i get it! Love the action shot!

Laura Helen Pian

Her full name is Penny Apple, because as a new baby her head was the shape of an apple!

Jackie Giles

I love this picture it reminds me of my Marley and Boston Terriers are wonderful pets but really we are there pets because they get what they want and we do what they say I love it I love being there pets

Laura Helen Pian

so true!

Mynie Vanderwalt