She was Attacked and Bitten at the Dog Park! Any Other Suggestions for Exercising a Boston Terrier?


    Here is a question from Tinou Bao who wanted to ask other Boston Terrier owners for suggestions to exercise a Boston Terrier dog rather than going at the dog park.

    He says : “I have a 7-month old Boston. She’s very playful, full of energy. Been taking her to the dog park for the past 3 months to exercise her. But today she was attacked and bitten by a large, aggressive dog. Hopefully she’ll make a speedy recovery. But now I’m starting to reconsider whether dog parks are worth it. If I stop going to the dog park I’m looking for ways to exercise my Boston. Feels like walks are not rigorous enough. Any suggestions for exercising a Boston puppy besides dog parks? Below is the aftermath of her attack. Actually very lucky the bit above her eye wasn’t in her eye 🙁 “

    Does anyone have any suggestions?
    Please SHARE yours!

    This is a picture of her after she was bitten at the dog park :

    She was Attacked and Bitten at the Dog Park! Any Other Suggestions for Exercising a Boston Terrier?

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    pam Todesco
    pam Todesco

    wow my Boston was attacked in a dog park in VA Beach last week by 3 large dogs 2 pits and a doberman ..i also got bit trying to pick her up while they were tearing her apart it was very awful… I will NOT go into dog parks unless i know the dogs or there are small dogs only! I feel the Boston at least mine has a lot of energy and she is very dominant, almost like she thinks she is a BIG dog too…..could that have triggered the big dogs? i agree these bostons need to run… Read more »


    Play ball with her. She will get some running in that way. And take her for at least one walk a day if you can, always on a leash. You have to be careful of them overheating.


    plenty since they can’t do too much because they overheat. Going up and down stairs, playing, swimming, medium long walks 😉

    Janice Walsh

    That happened to mine at the park, now he is the aggressor he can’t be near any dog, he just goes after them. He is the most lovable dog with people.

    Linda Hutson

    Oh, poor baby!

    Kathy Eisman

    Aww poor honey!! That wasn’t fair!! She didn’t deserve that! ???? I’m glad she’s ok.