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    Every day, in shelters of many states in the USA, pets are painfully, frighteningly, and slowly gassed to death. These pets are dogs and cats, seniors, puppies and kittens.  They are forced to go in small cages and wheeled into the chamber which is like a metal box (see the picture).

    This is your taxes that are funding these animal shelters to kill unwanted pets. Also, these euthanasia by Gas Chamber costs 2 times more money than euthanasia by injection. Some states do not use Gas Chambers Euthanasia but many are still using it!

    Stop Gas Chamber Euthanasia in the USA!

    The following is the letter from Larissa Tuttle on a petition :

    Many people think that animals quietly go to sleep and die in shelter gas chambers. But the reality is it’s a horrific and cruel method of “euthanasia.” The animals are placed in a warm or hot box without sedation. They have no idea what is happening to them and are terrified. The hiss of gas starts and they get dizzy and panic. Screams are heard and fights break out. In some pounds, cats are mixed in with dogs, small dogs are mixed in with large dogs, and they all fight each other for the last breath of air. The 25 or more minutes it takes to end their lives can be complete torture.

    Historically, this inhumane method of killing was used by the Nazis, and to this day is not allowed even for the punishment of our most severe serial killers. Yet they can still be legally used to kill innocent homeless pets, including cats and dogs, in 31 states. And if you live in one of the gassing states, your tax dollars might be paying for this atrocity. Here is a map from Animal Aid showing which states need an official gas chamber ban:

    What Animal Organizations Say About Gassing

    American Humane Association has stated, “…euthanizing shelter animals by carbon monoxide or carbon dioxide is inhumane to the animal and harmful to humans. American Humane Association considers euthanasia by injection (EBI) to be the only acceptable and humane means of euthanasia for all shelter animals.”
    Source :

    The Humane Society of the United States stated, “Carbon monoxide (CO) gas is, without question, an unacceptable method of euthanasia in states where shelters can legally obtain and administer sodium pentobarbital.”
    Source :

    The Association of Shelter Veterinarians has stated, “…the use of carbon monoxide for individual or mass companion animal euthanasia in shelters is unacceptable due to significant humane, operational and safety concerns.”
    Read their document available online.

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