The Pet Collective Channel Premieres on YouTube


    The Pet Collective is a Youtube channel where there is videos to celebrates the enriching effect that pets have on our lives through informative and adorable content.

    The videos of The Pet Collective is featuring some animal experts, trainers, behavioral specialists and some of the cutest pets!

    Some of their amazing videos are already posted here on this Boston Terrier website. The Pet Collective Channel is now announcing the official premieres on Youtube.

    The Pet Collective Announcing the Channel Premieres on Youtube

    FremantleMedia, the company behind American Idol, has created a brand-new form of entertainment for pet lovers everywhere which is a channel filled with original content and all-new programs that’s available exclusively on YouTube beginning May 31, 2012. That’s when The Pet Collective officially premieres, filled with hours of new series produced by one of the most renowned names in television entertainment, but this channel isn’t on TV, it’s only on YouTube!

    What is The Pet Collective Channel which is Exclusively on Youtube

    The Pet Collective was created by pet lovers for pet lovers, said Tom Maynard, The Pet Collective Channel Head. “We’re working with some of TV’s most talented producers and with celebrities who have their own passion for pets to create a new entertainment option that’s only available on YouTube.

    The Pet Collective channel is filled with inspiring true stories of animals without homes on The Unadoptables; fascinating stories of a real-life “animal communicator” on Pet Sense; and, soon to come, will feature the new series Growing Up Wild starring Bindi and Robert Irwin (the children of famed adventurer Steve Irwin); and The Litter, narrated by Khloe Kardashian. New episodes of each series are scheduled to premiere every week.

    At the heart of The Pet Collective are six original series, each of which will have new episodes premiering weekly :
    The Unadoptables – Designed to inspire a movement toward responsible pet purchasing and ownership, it focuses on different kinds of “unadoptable” pets and follows their stories and those of the many passionate people who work tirelessly on their behalf.
    The Litter – Narrated by animal lover and activist Khloe Kardashian, it’s an adorably cute and informative series that follows the journey of a litter of six newborn kittens and their mother.
    Kitten On A Keyboard – An irreverent wrap-up show featuring a feline host who introduces the best, funniest, silliest, most inspiring and amazing content to be found on the channel, in the news and across the Web.
    Pet Sense – Animal communicator Michelle Childerley reaches out from her home in Cambridge, England, to help get Americans, pet relationships back on track.
    Growing Up Wild – Bindi and Robert Irwin continue the legacy of their father, adventurer Steve Irwin, by educating and informing audiences about the animals who share their day-to-day lives.
    Master & Pet – A brand-new scripted comedy series follows the exploits of a young woman and the pet cat who is her best friend, co-conspirator, even therapist.
    Hollywood Animals – YouTube star and innovative director David Lehre drops in on his celebrity friends to find out about their relationships with their pets – then leaves his camera on the pet to gather unique footage from the pet’s point of view.

    The Pet Collective is currently in “preview mode” on The Pet Collective Youtube Channel, where users can subscribe to the channel to be sure to see the latest episodes and new videos!

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