Things Your Dog Doesn’t Want You To Know


Here is a book about dogs that is called “Things Your Dog Doesn’t Want You To Know“.

This book was published on 2012 and the authors of the book are Hy Conrad, Jeff Johnson and Dean Stefanides. There is an official website and facebook page available for the book.

Rocky the Boston Terrier with the Things Your Dog... BookIn this book, 11 courageous dogs are reveiling their secrets that they have never told to humans. With persistence, patience and lots of treats, they managed to convince these 11 different dogs that are : axelrod the yellow lab, bandana the border collie, dimples the boxer, tinkerbell the chihuahua, orson the bulldog, sophie the cocker spaniel, sarge the german shepherd, charlie the miniture schnauzer, moonbeam the mixed breed, gabby the long-haired dachshund, and rufus t. the bloodhound.

This is a high-quality book for people of all ages that already have interest in dogs but also for people that want to discover more about dogs. You don’t even need to have a dog to love this book. The book is really beautiful with lots of colors, arts and page designs for each of the 11 included dogs.

Read the Chapter “Human Words I Understand”

Things Your Dog Book Chapter - Human Words I Understand

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