To Carry a Boston Terrier – Any Recommendations for a Airplane Dog Carrier?


Here is a question from Kelly asking for some recommendations for a airplane dog carrier.

She says : “I’m looking for a carryon airplane dog carrier for my 23lb Boston for an upcoming trip. Recommendations??? Also, prefer a carrier with wheels. Thank you in advance!”

Does anyone have any suggestions, experiences or recommendations?
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To Carry a Boston Terrier - Any Recommendations for a Airplane Dog Carrier?

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Jamie Jamison Mosher

He’ fairly large to put in a carrier that will fit under the seat.. Hope it’s not a long flight Definitely a mesh soft sided carrier

Kelly Phillips

He’s 23 lbs and a thin build. This is why I am inquiring four months in advance, so I can see if it is feasible to fly with him. But to answer your question, it is a 2 hour direct flight.

Kelly Phillips

I noticed you are a flight attendant. What is the largest weight size dog that you have seen travel by air?

Jamie Jamison Mosher

I’m sorry Kelly but I retired in 2006 but the standards are that the carrier must fit under the seat……may not extend into the area by your feet & the dog should be able to stand, lay down & turn around. That pretty much narrows it down to around 20 lbs or under!

Nicolene Pienaar Knoetze

My pups

Teah Reichard

😍 Cayci Reichard

Kelly Phillips

CONCERNED PEOPLE- I am NOT STORING MY DOG UNDER THE PLANE WITH THE BAGGAGE!! He would be flying in the passenger section in a 👉🏼CARRYON👈🏼 dog carrier…..thank you for helpful recommendations

Mark Hutchinson

Say … DUH!! Some people just look for drama.