What are the Best Puppy Foods for Boston Terrier?


    Here is a question from Nicole asking for some suggestions of the best foods for a growing Boston Terrier puppy.

    She says : “Hi, I’m getting a Boston Terrier puppy and I can’t find a good resource on the type of food I should feed him? Thanks”

    It could be hard to choose the best puppy food for someone who just got a new Boston Terrier puppy since there is so many brands available on the market…

    The question is now asked to you Boston Terrier owners! What are the Best Puppy Foods for a Boston Terrier puppy? Does anyone have any suggestions, experiences or recommendations to share? 🙂

    Boston Terrier Eating in Food Bowl

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    Liesl Brown

    Acana grain free lamb or duck

    Debbi Lewis
    Debbi Lewis

    Try Avoderm food. We have had good look with it


    It took me a year to figure out what food makes my Bostons happy. Went through em all till I found medi cal gastro intestinal dog food. That did the trick after months and months of investing! They dont do well on high protein. Also go easy on detergents,fabric softeners. They irritate my 2 Bostons. I completely stoped ising anything with a fragrance.


    We ran into something very similar with our Pack. Turned out to be the detergent that we were using. The girls all sleep on baby blankets in their kennels. We ended up using a washing detergent made for babies to wash their blankets in. Not sure of that will help you guy’s or not, hope so …….