What Boston Terriers can Teach about Stress & Life


How do you deal with stress in your life? A Boston Terrier owner named Roxanne shared her thoughts about what the Boston Terrier dogs can teach you about the stress from your life.

Some people turn to addictions such as drugs, alcohol, and shopping to help them deal with stress, which all of these in the long run really are not dealing with the issue that caused the stress at all. Some take a healthy approach and exercise, meditate, and vent to friends to help deal with their stress.

Personally, I have always been a huge fan of animal therapy. Studies have shown that when a person is petting an animal they are in that moment, that moment of just them and the animal and petting, they are not thinking about the bounced check at the bank, the dry cleaning that needs to be picked up, the horrible demanding boss, all they are thinking is about this furry critter that wants it’s tummy rubbed. You are mindful in the moment and just taking it in. For many years my stress relievers and animal therapy helpers have been wonderful Boston Terriers.

Recently I started looking through photographs of my Boston Terriers and thought, maybe I have some pictures of the boys that will help add some humor and insight to stressful situation, and here we are:

Teaching you about Stress and Life with the Boston Terriers

Boston Terriers Teach you about Stress and LifeNo matter how tiny you feel compared to the stress in your life, if you keep your head up, eyes open and a positive outlook things will always get better.

Boston Terriers Making Time For FunAlways remember to make time for fun. Watch your favorite show, go bowling, hang-out with friends, whatever it is that floats your fun boat…DO IT! Making sure you laugh often while doing it will not only help your mood but the moods of those around you. Remember the word SMILES and the word STRESS both have the same amount of letter in them and the more you smile the less stress you will feel.

    Boston Terrier Taking A Break From TechnologyTake a break from technology. As a society that is ALWAYS connected with internet, cell phones, computers, text messages, television and so on, it can be hard to take a break and get away from the stress in life. Make time for yourself and literally ONLY YOURSELF. Turn off the tv, radio, cell phone, computer, and all of those other distractions and just take 5 minutes (or more if possible) for yourself….breath, stretch, doodle, paint, bake, do whatever you need to do to relax and enjoy your technology free time.

    Boston Terrier Being SillyBe silly! Laughter is always the best medicine, especially when it comes to elevating your mood and taking your mind off of stress. Do something silly and make yourself laugh. Dance around your house like Mr. Bean, make up a silly song and sing it on the spot, play dress-up…whatever you choose to do remember you are just being silly and trying to make yourself laugh (you can choose to do this step alone, or with an audience–sometimes having an audience for your silliness will make the laughter more contagious).

    Boston Terriers Dont Worry About ItSome problems are big. Some problems are little. Most things that you look at as a problem or a stress now will not be important 5 years in the future. Don’t worry about the things you can’t change.

      Boston Terrier And All Those Little ThingsAll those little things in life that just tick you off are just that….LITTLE THINGS. Don’t let yourself get all snarly because of little things that you usually have no control over…it isn’t a good look. Also, don’t let other peoples stress/moods/negative interactions dictate your mood and day. Somebody cut you off on the way to work? Fine. They must have been in a bigger hurry than you and they are just wasting gas and losing money by driving erratically.

      Boston Terrier And The Power Of The Sleeping

      Never underestimate the power of sleep. Sleeping plays a huge factor in the way that we deal with everyday stress in our lives. If you are stressed out and sleeping poorly because of it, you will then be tired the next day which will cause more stress…it is a vicious circle. Try to remember that those things you are thinking about instead of sleeping will still be there the next day and staying awake all night thinking about them will not make them go away. Seriously, how much of the stress in your life can you solve by staying awake all night worrying about….NONE!

      Boston Terrier Schedule Time For PlayPlay hard. Many of us only have two days a week off and those two days are usually packed full of things that we have written on a To-Do List. Make sure to put something you enjoy doing on that weekend To-Do List. Schedule time for play, life doesn’t always have to be work and To-Do Lists…if you don’t finish everything on your To-Do List this weekend there is always other weekends.

        Boston Terrier Look Straight In The EyeLook at stress straight in the eye and say “I can deal with you”. Avoiding some stress for a while is good, but you can not avoid all stress forever, so step up to your stress and let it know that you are stronger than it will ever be.

        Boston Terrier No Matter How BigNo matter how big of road blocks life sends your way, you are always strong enough to work your way through it. It may be a road block that takes a day to overcome or a year (or more) but you will always make it through.

        Boston Terrier Dont Take Life Too SeriouslyDon’t take life too seriously. If you are serious, worried and stressed all of the time just imagine how much of life you are missing out on. Big issues now will seem like tiny specks of issues in the future. Plus many of the big things you are stressed about now you will look back on and just shake your head and laugh wondering why you let it get to you so much.

        Boston Terrier Wake Up Of The Bed

        Try not to wake-up on the wrong side of the bed. Each day that you wake-up, take a big breath in and are able to greet the day is a blessing. If you can start your day with a smile and share it with others it will help brighten the world around you.