What Food will Give my Boston Terrier Dog a Shiny Healthy Looking Coat?


Here is a Question from Gail who wanted to ask other Boston Terrier owners what do they feed their Boston Terriers to them give a shiny coat.

She says : β€œWhat food will give my Boston a shiny healthy looking coat ? Or is there a supplement I could give him??”

The question is now asked to you Boston Terrier owners! What do you feed your Boston Terrier dogs to give them a better coat? Does anyone have any suggestions, experiences or recommendations to share? Leave a comment below πŸ™‚

What Food will Give my Boston Terrier Dog a Shiny Healthy Looking Coat?

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we give are dog a fish pill or beer


I feed mine Stella &Chewy’s meal mixers once a day with his breakfast. I alternate between the salmon & cod mixer and the Venisson parties which I crumble up and serve as a mixer.

His regular food is a limited ingredient food: canine caviar (venison). I rotate that with canine caviar salmon another limited ingredient and grain feee food. People in the street always stop to comment on how shiny and beautiful his coat is.

Kelly McCarn

Nutro Ultra her entire life

Julie Geno

Blue dog food. Bathe with Tail & Mane shampoo (Walgreen carry it).