What is the Swelling near my Little Boston Terrier Bottom?


Here is a Question from Soroush asking other Boston Terrier owners about a swelling on his dog.

He says : “I have noticed a swelling that has come up near my little Bostons bottom today. It feels hard but not bony. Please have a look at the photo and let me know what you think.”

Does anyone have any thoughts, experiences or recommendations? 🙂

What is the Swelling near my Little Boston Terrier Bottom?

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Christa Hershberger

Def anal glands need to be expressed! That’s what happens when they’re not! My male Boston has had problems like this also!

Sherry Brackett Snyder

Actually it’s spelled adenoma.

Sherry Brackett Snyder

Adinoma possibly.

Michael Shaw

Not too sure could be a gland that’s blocked in his anus some times it can clear its self with a bit of a bad smell or you need to see a vet good luck hope it goes well 👍

Linda Hutson

Looks like swollen anal glands!

Christine Stock

No sorry let us know what the vet says