What Kind of Bones and Treats are Good for a Boston Terrier?


Here is a question from the owner of the Boston Terrier in the picture below! He is asking for some suggestions and recommendations about which bones and treats to give to Boston Terriers.

He says : “What kind of non rawhide bones are good for bostons? And what about treats? I heard grain free treats are good but i don’t know any brands…”

Does anyone have any suggestions, experiences or recommendations to share? What kind of treats/bones do you give to your Boston Terriers? Join the discussion! 🙂

What Kind of Bones and Treats are Good for a Boston Terrier?

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Rhonda Morris Lawrence

My little old gal likes carrots, Greenies and homemade dog cookies (peanut butter/oats), as she now throws up hard store-bought flour based dog biscuits. When we have given her real (raw) bones, she thinks they’re such a treasure she immediately hides them, and moves them again and again, and they never get chewed on!

Patricia Kim Hassett Slagle


Janice Klee

Look it up on the Google or ask your vet

George Fenwick

No bones they will grind them down then he bone dust forms like cement in the dogs back passage


My Boston’s love the “Digest-Ease” brand of chew sticks. I buy them on Amazon.

Morgan Mccoin

Marro-bones Bones from Pedigree, Denta-stix from Pedigree for oral health and snacking. Rib bones and anything leftovers, they love Italian dishes and pizza.