What Should You Not Be Feeding Your Dog?


    Feeding your dog is something that a lot of people put in the hands of their local supermarket. They tend to trust what the brands are telling them and that by giving them a cereal-based food that is full of supplements and nutrients you are giving your dog everything it needs. Whilst giving supplements to your canine friend is extremely important, feeding them a diet full of unhealthy processed foods over a long period of time is not going to be good for their digestive system. It is also not exciting for them to eat this type of food as they want to, just like us, eat good tasting food and have a variety in their daily meals.


    What you really need is to avoid a cereal-based dog food; it is not harmful to them in the sense that they won’t be able to digest it at all, but it is more that there is just not much nutritional value in this type of food. Just like Chinese microwave noodles – it is a filler rather than something that gives nourishment to the body. Also, what this does is eventually it will play havoc with the digestive system and you will find that because over a long period of time they cannot clear out their body entirely they will be prone to getting infections.

    Boston Terrier Eating in Food Bowl

    Natural foods, like Orijen dog food, that contain real chunks of meat with rice and potatoes are a lot better for your dog. Studies have shown that by feeding your dog more natural foods they are going to be more healthy and avoid many problems as they get older. This means that spending a little bit more on dog food will end up saving you more money on vet appointments and medication in the future.

    Iams dog food is another brand that uses all natural ingredients; it does however contain cereals but the good kind that are made from whole wheat. These are full of natural fibres that can help their bowels and let them pass through any free radicals that get stuck in their digestive system. This food is recommended as a once-a-day meal and should accompany any regular meat filled dinner.

    Another brand that is extremely popular with dog owners across the board is Cesar Dog Food; this brand can be found in supermarkets but tends to be a little bit more costly than your average dog food. They are packed full of natural ingredients and come in a range of flavours that are exciting and enjoyable for your dog. Don’t worry, you can buy this brand online now and save yourself some money.

    We’re saying here to fellow dog owners that they really need to look more closely at what they are feeding their dogs and try out some different brands that offer natural ingredients. You’re looking to make their meals exciting and enjoyable whilst also providing them with the supplements that they need.