What to do to Fix What it seems are Night Terrors?


Here is a question from Caitlin asking for some recommendations for night terrors.

She says : “Hello, our 1 year old boy has recently started having what we think are night terrors. Over the past week he has screamed / cried out in pain / fear in the middle of the night, no physical explanation (no injuries, sign of bites or scratches present, nothing in bedding that might have hurt / scared him). Its not just the one ‘scream’ too it goes on for about 30 seconds and if you just listened to it you would think he was being viciously attacked. Last night my husband was sleeping with him on the couch and it happened while he was in his arms so we know there wasn’t a physical thing that happened before. He seemed to be asleep and was extremely scared and panicked. He also bit my husband trying to get out of his arms and cowered in the corner afterwards. Takes about half an hour to calm down his heart rate / breathing afterwards with lots of gentle reassurance. He is not a rescue dog we have had him since 3 months from a reputable registered breeder, one minor physical altercation at the dog park 6 months ago but does not seem scared of other dogs at the park since. Occasionally gets bossed around by my parents labradoodle but again does not seem to have ongoing issues / concerns with that dog. Not sure if anyone has experience with this or what we can do to fix this? Thank you in advance”

Does anyone have any suggestions, experiences or recommendations?
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What to do to Fix What it seems are Night Terrors?

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