What to Do with my Dog who has Developed Separation Anxiety?


    Here is a Question from Seth : What to do with my Dog who has Developed Separation Anxiety?

    “My Boston Terrier dog is 4 years old. The only time he’s been left completely alone is when he was younger than a year then I moved to another Home with other dogs. Just recently I moved to my own place with my new wife. I tried putting him in a cage because he began marking. Thought I would do that as I waited too get him fixed. But he destroys the cage when I leave, bends metal and will scratch till his paws bleed even if I’m gone 25 minutes. So we tried letting him roam the house in a thunder jacket but he now will scratch the door . Deep. I love him to death and don’t want to get rid of him seeing as how I dont think anybody else will tolerate him doing this. He’s the best dog when I’m around and only want to lay with me and show me love but he won’t stay alone I tried the Thunder jacket and leaving a radio or TV on for him and no luck. Has anybody had this problem will getting him a new companion help or is it all the new home. I don’t have a lot of money and can’t afford him destroying doors and other things but don’t have the heart to bring him somewhere they may put him down. Anybody who has loved their dog as I do and looked into their beautiful dogs souls through there buldgy eyes must understand but I don’t know what to do any suggestions?”

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