What Type of Fences to Build for Boston Terrier Dogs?


Here is a Question from Nicolas asking other Boston Terrier owners about dog fences.

He says : “Hi everybody, new owner of Boston terriers here. We have two Bostons (Gaston and Achille), and as soon as spring is here to stay, I intend to build a fence in our yard for the little guys . So I’d like to ask you about fences.

Do Boston Terriers dig a lot? Is it better to bury part of the fence to keep them from going under it? What about over it? I was thinking a 5 feet fence should be more than enough.

Also, I was thinking of using chicken wire or something similar (we’ll grow vines over it), is there any problem with that type of fence? Thanks in advance for your advice.”

Does anyone have any thoughts, experiences or recommendations? 🙂

What Type of Fences to Build for Boston Terrier Dogs?

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Jean McLaughlin

Chain link works best. I have 5 dogs and not one has ever gotten out.

Jason Grzybowski

I wish mine would stay on the property lol… not a chance, our male will jet first chance he gets because he wants to explore and the female will follow him, she’s good if he’s not leading the way though from what I’ve noticed.

She’s run side by side with me back home where he’s run away from me trying to see the world, it wouldn’t be such a big deal if it wasn’t for the getting hit by a car or getting stolen factor.

Debbie Balls

I had chain link fences, that way they can see out it and watch what is happening, my Rocky loved the outdoors, had a doggy door so he could come and go as he wanted.

Pat Waskow Mills

Angie White Brewer