What’s the Advices you would Give to New Boston Terrier Owners?


Most people who never had a Boston Terrier before have been in this situation, where you are just looking for advices to be a better Boston Terrier owner.

The question is now asked to those of you who are real Boston Terrier owners! If you had to give one or some advices to people who just got their first Boston Terrier…

What’s the advices or recommendations you would give to new Boston Terrier owners? 🙂

17 Weeks Old Boston Terrier named Murphy Doing Tricks

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Pete Venters

You now have a member of the family,a child,full of love and character. I am not a dog but a gift,an angel ,a friend to share lifes journey with together for a season,my home will be in your heart forever.Give God thanks for me.I need food&shelter but most of all your love and attention.I am loyal,smart,loving and full of my own character.I like to snuggle under sheets and sleep with you,I can’t stand to hot of weather,hard to cool down with my short muzzle.Watch out, for I may get allergies to pollen,insect bites etc. Also make sure I visit the… Read more »

Gina Burns

yes chew toys galore – watch any toys that they can whip around and hurt their eyes with.

Bobby Roche

Learn 2 love farts

Robby Tisci