Who Let the Dangerous Dogs out? It’s their Irresponsible Owners


    As reported in the news by ABC57, Dog bites are on the rise in St. Joseph County, Indiana, USA and the Humane Society is looking at ways to curb dog attacks.

    Who let the dangerous dogs out - its their irresponsible owners

    In the world of dog convictions the first group of offenders is nuisance dogs or those who are picked up by neighbors or the Humane Society less than three times. The St. Joseph County Humane Society executive director said : “We named them nuisance because they’re out running about, scaring children, pooping in people’s sandboxes, all those kinds of things that go on,”

    One of those dogs is a Boston Terrier named Prudence. She’s fled the yard more than three times. And now she’s deemed a dangerous dog. But it’s not Prudence‘s fault. After all, she’s just a dog. But who let this dogs out? It is her irresponsible owners. The St. Joseph County Humane Society executive director said : “We’re forcing them to take care of this dog, is what we’re doing,” And that means enforcing the rules with hefty penalties. There is consequences if a dog’s loose more than three times. “It’s a $100 license, they have to have insurance, they have to have ‘beware of vicious dog’ signs, they have to have a six sided fence, they have walk the dog with a muzzle.”

    These consequences are to protect more than just the dog. It makes sure children don’t become another dog bite statistic.