Why is my Dog’s Paw Red with some Scabs? Any Idea?


Here is a question from Vladimir asking other Boston Terrier owners any advice because his dog has one of her paw that is red and covered by scabs.

He says : “Hi guys! Couple weeks ago we’ve noticed that our girl is licking her foot very often. When we checked it, it was a bit red and covered by scabs in some places. Vet mentioned the food allergy, but since only one single foot is stricken and she has no other symptoms of food allergy, he excluded it. He has prescribed us ATB’s, antiscratching pills and some tea to bath the foot in. It didn’t help and he said he doesn’t know the source of it and what else he could do. We want to visit another Vet, but I also wanted to ask YOU GUYS! Maybe you have some experiences and tips for us. She walks, run and play normally, so I think it doesn’t hurt. She just licks it sometimes. Thanks for all advices.”

Does anyone have any advice and/or experience?
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Why is my Dog's Paw Red with some Scabs? Any Idea?