Woman Offers Free Pools to Dog Owners to keep their Pets Cool


    As reported in the news, a woman started to offer free pools to dog owners to keep their pets cool. This woman named Megan Brockman from Urbanna, Virginia, USA had this idea to buy pools for dogs when she heard that two dogs died from heat stroke in her town.

    After she heard that, she went to her local Dollar General store and bought 11 pools and made a yellow sign with : “If Your Dog Has To Be Outside…Please Take a Pool To Help Keep Them Cool. If the kiddie pools are gone, I’ll replace them as soon as I can- Megan.”.

    Woman offers free pools to dog owners to keep their pets cool

    Her idea worked and the original 11 pools were quickly taken up by dog owners. Megan continued to replenish the supply, purchasing over 30 pools. As the word is spreading about her idea, other people have also donated more pools.