Would a Sweater be enough to keep a 9 Weeks Old Warm in the Winter?


Here is a question from a Boston Terrier owner named Dae-Lae asking other Boston Terrier owners about a Boston Terrier puppy in the winter.

She says : “Hi.. I have a new 9 week old BT male and want to start potty training him to go outside. I crate him at night, and want to start taking him outside in the morning instead of his wee pads (the wee pads he use sometimes and other times in the wrong spot). My only concern is the winter temps in VA. Would a sweater be enough to keep him warm?

Does anyone have any experiences or recommendations? 🙂

Would a Sweater be enough to keep a 9 Weeks Old Warm in the Winter?

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Michael Pierro

Have a blanket available. He’ll use it if he needs to.

Chris Boyce- Brough

Definitely a winter coat. Bostons don’t really like the cold and they don’t have thick fur, they get cold fast. Their dog bed is placed right below the heating vent and she goes there as soon as she hears the furnace click on.☺

Susan McKay McClain

Always under a blanket or two!

Anne West

This is how we do winter in New Mexico